The New Site

For many years the material I prepared was published only on the Web Usability site (, however a couple of years back I decided to write an online novel and so set up DingoAccess ( as a personal blog using Word Press. I soon found the Word Press publishing interface much easier to use and so increasingly put other material on the blog including usability and accessibility articles as well as videos and research reports.

Spreading material, which might interest other people concerned about website usability and accessibility, over two different sites was clearly not the most usable or accessible approach. Well this craziness has finally come to an end with the help of a couple of friends Russ Weakley and David McDonald, who helped prepare this new Web Usability site using Word Press.

I plan to continue using the DingoAccess blog, but mainly for personal posts and for information relating specifically to accessibility. The two sites will be integrated, and all the web-related material that I prepare, including videos and articles about usability and accessibility, will now be on the Web Usability site.

In early 2011, we researched the use of the internet by people over the age of 60. The findings were presented in a paper at the CSUN2011 conference, Improving Web Accessibility for the Elderly. One of the most striking findings was that about 60% of the research participants had no idea how they could change the size or colour of page content. As a result, I have included what I hope will be some useful advice and videos about how to make web content easier to read. This information is available from the link Having trouble reading this page? in the page footer. Thanks to Russ Weakley and Janet Parker for help in preparing the videos.

No doubt this new site will contain some bugs which could cause minor or major irritation. If you come across any problems of difficulties please let me know so that I can fix them.

I hope you like the new site and find the information it contains useful.

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