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Headings: Who needs ’em?

This is a story about web page headings and sub-headings: A story that tries to look beyond the absurd distinctions that are sometimes made about the usability and accessibility of web content, to ask who needs headings and why.

Changes in web-user behaviour

By comparing two projects, five years apart, the article considers the growing influence of Facebook and Google. It looks at how this maybe be changing the behaviour of some web users, and the potential impact it could have on the accessibility of websites.

Mature Age ICT Users Survey 2

The results of the second survey into how people over the age of 60 use information and communication technologies (ICT) are now available. This phase of the project involved surveying people in the physical-world and one-on-one interviews with them about some of the problems they experience when using the web. There were some differences between […]

Mature Age ICT Users Online Survey Results

During December 2010 and January 2011, we conducted an online survey of information and communication technology (ICT) users over the age of 60. We have completed the initial collating of these results and they provide a snapshot of internet and mobile phone usage by those older members of the population who are able and willing […]

Older web users and text size

Our research into use of the web and other information and communication technologies by people over the age of sixty is producing some interesting results. In this article I want to comment briefly on some of the responses relating to the size of text on web pages. This research, which I’m conducting in association with […]

Accessing Nav Drop-Downs

Recently I came across a site that has a less than accessible horizontal main navigation bar with drop-down menus containing links to the different pages in each section. This got me thinking once again about the use of drop-downs from an accessibility perspective. In particular, I thought it might be useful to consider the different […]

Use of Web 2.0 Tools

This checklist has been prepared to help website developers and testers record the level of website compliance with the Success Criteria and Sufficient Techniques of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Version 2.0 (WCAG 2.0).

Home Stayers And Trench Diggers (2002)

Seminar paper outlining some observations on the website search behaviour of children.

Usability: A Key Issue for kids’ sites (2000)

Paper published in the Logistics Kids Market Research Journal.

Hyperlinks, Frames and Intellectual Property (1998)

How the use of hyperlinks and frames to present material from another website may infringe the rights of the originating site.