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iPhone, iPad and VoiceOver

Several years ago, I looked at the Apple VoiceOver screen reader and found it wanting. Last week, I returned to VoiceOver and, at the risk of further inflaming the hyperbolic passion of the Apple Fan boys/girls, I must say it is amazing how much difference a few years can make. Last Friday, Russ Weakley and […]

Accessible forms using WCAG 2.0

Accessible Forms using WCAG 2.0″ is the first of a series of documents to help web professionals use the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Version 2.0 to develop accessible websites.

Conversation with Molly Holzschlag

Molly Holzschlag and Roger Hudson discuss web standards, interoperability, HTML5, IE8 and web professionalism at the Webstock Conference in New Zealand. Video and audio versions of Molly’s Webstock presentation, “Why Web Standards Aren’t” are available on from the Webstock site. Molly Holzchlag in conversation with Roger Hudson, Webstock 2008 Duration: 19:42 February 2008, Wellington, New […]

Interview with Shawn Henry (W3C)

Shawn Henry, from the W3C, was a presenter at Webstock 2008. During a break in the conference, she talked with me about how she first got involved in website accessibility, the need to continue breaking down some of misconceptions associated with accessibility and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Versions 1 and 2. Video and […]

Wheeling in Second Life

Judith, who has cerebral palsy, has been using computers and the web for many years. Recently she was telling me about how much she was enjoying Second Life and so I asked her if she would mind showing me it. In the video, Judith talks about using Second Life and a club called “Wheelies”, which […]