Want to make web pages easier to read?

This information has been prepared to help you change the way web pages appear on the screen. It will help you increase the size of text on the page or change the colours.

Just want to magnify the page?

If you find the text on the page too small to read comfortably, these keyboard shortcuts will work with most operating systems and browsers:

  • Use Ctrl and ‘+’ (plus) sign to make things bigger.
  • Use Ctrl and ‘-‘ (minus) sign to make things smaller.

NB: With Apple computers use Cmd instead of Ctrl.

Other ways to adjust the appearance of web pages

This section of the site describes some of the ways you can change the appearance of web pages. You can usually change how the page looks by either changing settings within the Operating System or the web browser you are using.

To obtain information that will help you change the appearance of web page content you need to first select the type of computer operating system you are using.

Microsoft Windows computers (e.g. IBM, Dell, Sony)

Apple Mac (e.g. MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Pro)

The Windows and Apple Mac sections contain links to pages with practical advice relating to operating system and different browsers. If we don’t have information relating to a specific system or browser you are using, you may find the information will still help you make changes so that the content of the site easier to read.

Note for website developers and owners

This material is part of an ongoing project by Roger Hudson, Russ Weakley and Chris Bentley. The aim is to make available information about changing the presentation of pages in a way that is easy to find, understand and use.

If you have any suggestions relating to this material, or can provide additional information about other operating systems and browsers, please use the contact form to send it to us.

This is an open-source project and the material is available for anyone to use.