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At Web Usability, we work to make the web more usable for everybody, including those with disabilities. We work with not-for-profit organisations, corporate and government clients.

We also undertake research into the use of the web by different sections of the community. Find out more in the research section of the site.

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Automated kiosks and accessibility

Brief overview of accessibility issues and regulations relating to automated public kiosks.

Social Inclusion, Social Responsibility and Goldilocks

Transcript of the GAAD talk. The disabled and their carers are among the most marginalised in our community. It is time we moved beyond the blaming of others such as the government and industry, to a greater acceptance that we all need to place a higher priority on accessibility.

Accessible Forms 2: Required Fields and Extra Information

The second in this series of articles about improving the accessibility of web page forms looks at different ways to mark-up required (mandatory) form fields and provide additional information that maybe necessary to understand or correctly complete a form.

Accessible Forms 1: Labels and identification

The first in a new series of articles about improving the accessibility of forms looks at ways to identify and group form controls, including the use of implicit and explicit labels, title attributes, and fieldset and legend.

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Welcome to the new site

The new Web Usability website contains material from both the old site as well as my personal blog, DingoAccess. All the usability, accessibility and general web-related articles I write will now be on this one new site rather than being spread between two sites.

I hope you like the new site and find the information it contains useful.

Global Accessibility Awareness Day

GAAD is on 9 May. Events in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane. Sydney event at Mrs B Hotel 396 Pitt Street at 6.30pm. For more details go to http://www.a11ybytes.org/.


A11ybuzz is a valuable source of links to reliable information about web accessibility. Great place to learn and share new ideas. www.a11ybuzz.com/

HTML5 Browser Support

Information about accessibility support for HTML5 by different browsers updated. www.html5accessibility.com/

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