Opera 11 and 12: Change colour contrast

Browser tools

The Opera browsers have a number of tools for controlling the presentation of web page content. You can get to these tools by clicking on the Opera logo at the top left of the screen to open the main menu.

From the main menu you can make changes to how the browser and web content is presented. You can also select the standard browser toolbars you would like displayed. You do this by selecting “Appearance” in the main menu and then choosing the “Toolbars” tab. I have chosen to have the “View”, “Main”, “Status”, “Address” and “Tab” bars displayed.

Change colour contrast

The Opera browser gives you the option of viewing the page in high-contrast with white text on a black background, or black on a white background. This feature can be combined with page zoom to make the page content bigger.

Step 1: Go to the Opera “main menu” (may need to click the Opera logo at top left).

Step 2: Open main menu go down to the item “Page” and then select “Style” to open menu.

Step 3: Select the Checkbox for either “High Contrast (B/W)”, or “High Contrast (W/B)”.

NB:  To return to the normal page appearance you need to unselect the “High Contrast” checkbox.