When developing a website, information about what potential visitors want, what is already available on other sites and how visitors will use the new site can be the key to success. Web Usability uses a variety of research techniques to help clients identify their online needs and develop a site or application that will meet those needs.

Each year, Web Usability also undertakes a variety of personal research projects to enhance our understanding of how the web is used by different sectors of the community. We also research the assistive technologies some people rely on to access the web. The results of this work are regularly presented at conferences and reported in articles on this site.


Strategic planning

Web Usability can help you develop realistic aims for a new site or web application and strategies for achieving your objectives.


Needs analysis

Interviews, surveys and focus groups are among the techniques used to help you identify user needs for your site.


Site structure

Focus groups and card sorting exercises can help you develop the overall structure and navigation systems for a new site.


Personal interest projects

Self-funded research projects into issues associated with website usability and accessibility.